Psychological Test: Find out your identity

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Psychological Test: Find out your identity

This psychological test will tell something about you. Your attitudes about yourself. Are you ready to commit to someone ? How deep in love are you. The importance of education. Is suitable for you ( your favorite work ) how success is defined . What do you fear most . What is your identity? There are 9 questions. Look at the end of the quiz to see your results.
1.  You are walking down the path. What do you see around you?
a. Dense forest above you barely see the sky
b. Corn field glowing with a yellow horizon
c. Green hills
2. What do you see lying next to you?
a. Mirror
b. Ring
c. Bottle
3. Do you pick it up?
a. Yes
b. No
4. You found water . It is a ……………
a. Clear lake
b. Waterfall
c. Stream
5. What does the key that sank in the water and you picked up look like?
a. A house key
b. An antique key
c. A small locker key
6. You found a house. What does the house look like?
a. A luxurious mansion in the Hollywood
b. A cottage with a garden
c. A beautiful shabby castle
7. What do you do then?
a. You look into the window.
b. You survey the house.
c. you don’t do anything.
8. Suddenly, something makes you frightened. What is it?
a. A bear
b. A wizard
c. A fishing bait
9. So you’re running to the wall that has a door. You look though the hole and what do you see?
a. A beautiful green garden and a house
b. A well in the middle of the desert
c. A beach and waves

Results and meaning

1. Attitudes about yourself
A dense forest at the top you barely see the sky = People see you as someone that is mysterious. Your friends love you because you are a good listener.
A corn field glowing with a yellow horizon = You are intelligent, honest and friendly with everyone.
A green hills = Many people like you because of your character. You are a good listener. You will listen to both sides and decide who was wrong.
2. Your lovers are looking for you
A mirror = Your boyfriend / girlfriend have to get married with you in the future. You should open your mind because he / she is not very attractive.
A ring = You are a romantic person. You believe in your love.
A bottle = You are ambitious. Your boyfriend / girlfriend doesn’t have to be good looking.
3. Ready to commit someone
Yes = You are ready to commit.
No = You are not ready to commit.
4. How deep is your love?
A clear lake = You are very serious about your relationship.
A waterfall = People think you are sexy.
A stream = You have lots of boyfriends / girlfriends.
5. Importance of education.
A house key = You don’t care about your education. You want to find your job as soon as you can.
An antique key = Education is very important for you.
A small locker key = You don’t like to study. But you trust you instinct and your brain. So your job is quite unique!
6. Work for you. 
A luxurious mansion in the Hollywood =You like to try and do everything . You want to have success.
A cottage with a garden = You stick to the reality of a career and commitment to grow with you job.
A beautiful shabby castle = Your job that you dream is hard to be. You should find something  else to do.
7. What success means for you. 
You look into the window. = You fear failure. Do not give up before it’s not done.
You survey the house. =  You’re sure that you will succeed.
You don’t do anything. = The success isn’t necessary for you. You love where you are with the people you love. 
8. What do you fear most. 
A bear =  You’re not independent. You fear living by yourself.
A wizard = You fear what you cannot control , so you try to cover it.
A fishing bait = You care about what people see you.
9. Your identity.
A beautiful green garden and a house = You’re mature with your ideas. However , you may be worse if you have problems with your heart not your heart.
A well in the middle of the desert = You’re a private person.
A beach and waves  = You’re out-going ,  hard to guess and you always change your thoughts. You’re like an ocean, calm but not for a long time! 




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