Roy Hodgson

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Roy Hodgson

It’s the morning after and England have just lost to Italy in the 2012 Euros. I’m a very angry man. Because I live in Thailand I had to stay up till 3:30 in the morning to watch the inevitable. I listened to BBC radio 5 606 to comfort my rage. Some callers insisted ‘the lads tried hard and we must stay positive.’ ‘We played well.’ What a load of bollocks what I saw was total shite. ‘A fine defensive display.’ Sutton United put in a fine defensive display against Manchester United in 1923. Are England not capable of more? All our players play in the most entertaining league ever created. Any team can defend well if they choose to. What are our bloody ambitions as a footballing nation?  Here is a list of names of the people I hold responsible for this disgrace and their charges.

1. Gareth Bale – Treason

He is about as Welsh as a hot summers day. Just because you play in the same position as Giggs it doesn’t mean you have skulk off and play in the valleys. I want him at least deported. With his ability to beat some players I might have found last night’s nil-nil draw more entertaining.

2. HRH Prince William - Cowardice

As President of the FA he should be held accountable. Why as a nation with all the facilities and opportunities do will still produce stupid footballers. Clever football players will ignore the manager’s pathetic tactics and will win the game. It is about time we followed the American way of doing things. Let our players get an education at University before they start earning their millions. They might even develop a character.

3. Sven-Goran Eriksson – Insanity

What I saw last night the same as previous tournaments was a team totally devoid of passing and technical ability. ‘We don’t produce good passers.’ Rubbish, who did Xavi and Iniesta say they looked up to when they started out, a player who was cast aside by the twonk Sven. Paul Scholes is the most technically gifted midfielder since Gazza and where is he? At home in retirement. All our teams should have been built around him.

Interestingly I don’t blame Roy Hodgson. You can build a house out of shit but it probably isn’t going to be much fun. It will stand but when conditions get bad it will just wash away and you will be left holding an umbrella. How can Hodgson be blamed for having to work with these muppets, players and the FA? I also thought he presented himself well his silk tie made him look very smart. Do I think he will last? No. Not until the FA radically overhaul the culture of football in England. 

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